Faith Community

One in five people sitting in a church pew is currently experiencing some form of mental illness. These parishioners, and their families, usually turn first to their pastors for help. Despite their best efforts, pastors and faith communities often find themselves overwhelmed and underprepared in knowing how to address the mental health needs of their members. Whereas people with physical illness often receive a lot of support from their congregations, those with mental illness often feel alone, struggling with a sense of shame. Because of this, mental illness is sometimes known as the “no casserole illness.” However, faith communities can be essential places of welcome and care for those struggling with their mental health. No Longer Alone can help your congregation discern how to best support those in your community impacted by mental illness.

Through our Speaker’s Bureau, No Longer Alone provides education for faith communities about mental illness, which is often the first step in decreasing stigma. We also offer a program called Circles of Care, which provides educational resources and guidance to help your congregation create a supportive care team for a parishioner struggling with mental health needs. For more information on how your church can become a caring and supportive community for those with mental illness please explore the links below.