I Need Help!

On the up-and-down journey of life experiencing severe and persistent mental health needs, families may be unsure of the next step.  No Longer Alone Ministries, true to our name and our mission, is ready to walk alongside you in this confusing process.

Here, in the words of a family member, is the answer No Longer Alone Ministries provides:

As a family member of someone with long-term, chronic mental illness I know what it is like to watch one you care about deteriorate and tumble down the spiral of increasing illness. I know what it is like to feel helpless to make it better, to know the uncertainty of whether one will make it through another night. Several years ago when my sister-in-law was spinning down this spiral — she was withdrawing from us, she was without employment, she had discontinued her medication, her body was struggling to function, she didn’t know if life was worth living.


Eventually, she agreed to inpatient care, and we were able to find her an excellent therapist and psychiatrist. She had many inpatient stays within a short period during those months when she was incredibly fragile. I knew that we all needed another resource to strengthen her support between the weekly therapist visits so we turned to No Longer Alone Ministries.


Trust does not come easy for one whose life has fallen apart, but slowly over time as the No Longer Alone staff steadily demonstrated care and compassion, did not back off when things were tough, came to her home to meet her, answered the phone when she called in desperation, trust grew.


No Longer Alone was there in the days of darkness when mental illness destroys the very sense of whom one is. No Longer Alone is a community of staff who care and it was being drawn into this very community that was a vital component of my sister- in-law’s recovery.


Today, it has been over 2 years  since my sister-in-law was last hospitalized. The difference of several years ago to today is fantastic. We don’t know the road ahead. There will be twists and turns, but we know  NLAM will be part of the journey.