Reviews & Endorsements

We are blessed to have received the following good words from clients and their families:

  • I literally probably would not be alive today if I didn’t have your services.
  • I wish I had a million dollars. I would give everyone a raise and donate a chunk to you. But, alas, I am poor, but I have time. I can help sometimes. The activities give me something to look forward to, which is really important when you don’t have much going on in your life. I am alone a lot…too much. My rehab worker has shown me coping mechanisms.
  • I think overall you do a very nice job of helping people who fall through other cracks elsewhere and find “a home” with some very nice people who really care.
  • You can talk about God and that is important to me.
  • I am actually able to go to college, which was my main goal in having a REACH counselor, because I don’t have a strong support for college from people….
  • I am experiencing new things, learning new social skills, talk feelings out. (Through REACH)
  • My loved one is better able to identify side effects of meds, and is better able to discuss this with doctor, who can then adjust meds.
  • Loved one pays better attention to healthy eating habits
  • Loved one’s home is in better condition, with maintenance and repairs
  • Loved one is (now) at ease in group settings and is learning to enjoy meeting new people
  • I love the warm atmosphere…everyone feels like family.