REACH Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

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Psychiatric Rehab Services are designed to help individuals with functional disabilities, resulting from mental illness, rebuild their lives in the community. Participants build skills and strengthen connections so that they experience more satisfaction and success.

Professional staff work one-on-one with participants to address needs in the areas of daily living, education, career, socialization, and health. Psychiatric Rehab Professionals help clients identify and achieve goals … so that your dreams for your life can become a reality!

Services are holistic and help clients in a variety of areas of life that are more difficult due to mental illness. Through REACH, people receive hope and empowerment; they rebuild their lives so that mental illness does not control everything else.

The length of time an individual is in the REACH program prior to graduation varies from person to person. When goals are reviewed every three months, the client and professional discuss options for continuing to focus on that area or developing a new goal. After completing desired goals, clients graduate from the program. As alumni, they continue to be welcome at social activities and events.

The Road to Reestablished:
View one client’s story HERE.

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Office of Mental Heath Surveyor 7/7/15

“Notes detail goal progression. Progress well documented on discharge summary. Graduation program has eased transition of discharge….”


A client who fears leaving her home said NLAM is unique because, “You come to my house. That helps with the anxiety.”

“I have become more focused on tasks and I am aware of what I need to stay healthy.”

REACH is a state licensed program since 2010. We have no deficiencies on our annual reviews.